Coconut onion Choganzha chutney


Grated coconut           2 cups
Red small  onions        2-3
Red chillies                 2
Red chilli powder       1 tspn
Tamarind pulp             ½ tbspn
Salt                              as per requirement

Mustard seeds ½ tspn
Urad dal-1 tspn
Channa dal ½ tspn
Curry leaves
1 tbspn oil

Coarsely blend coconut, red chillies, chopped onions, red chilli powder, salt, tamarind pulp with ¼  cup of water
Separate into a serving bowl
Add the seasoning ingredients into the hot oil and saute until the dals give out a roasted aroma
Allow the seasoning to cool before adding it to the coconut chutney
Can be served with all varieties of dosas and idlis

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