Christmas Sweet Puffs Fried

    All purpose flour/maida       150 gm
    Wheat flour                         150 gm
    Ghee or butter (melted)       3 tablespoon
    Salt                                     ¼ tsp
    Mix all the above and make a soft dough and       keep aside.

For the filling:
Rava/semolina                               100gm
Grated dry coconut                        100 gm
Sugar                                             100 gm
Raisins                                           50 gm
Cashew nut                                    50 gm   
Cardamom                                      2
Ghee/butter                                    1 table spoon
Heat the ghee in a pan and fry the rava till light brown.  When cool add the sugar, coconut, chopped raisins and cashew nut and cardamom powder and mix it well.

Take small portions of the dough and roll it round & thin.  Add one or two tsp of the filling in the centre close and press it by adding a little water to the edges so that the sides stick together.With a clove you can press on the edges (this is optional).  After preparing all the puffs, heat oil in a wok/kadai and deep fry few at a time.  Fry the puffs on both sides till light brown and remove on to a tissue so that the excess oil is absorbed.   When it is completely cool you can store it in an air tight bin. 


  1. We call these sweets gujiya but the filling is usually made with Koya... Love the variation with rawa as its lighter and healthier.

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  3. @Anisha ... One of my fren from Kerala was telling me that... We usually make this during Christmas

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  9. That looks great!! You have shaped it beautifully:-)

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  11. looks so delicious & filling is new for me,I use this stuffing method,but always with a spicy filling,now this is a new idea...
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  14. Looks great!! Lovely recipe :)

  15. I love these little treats! What a nice change from cookies. Anything that's got dried fruits, nuts and coconut gets my vote!

  16. Turkish food name : ÇİĞ BÖREK AND GÖZLEME
    association has likened

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  18. looks yummy!!! Haven't tried cooking much, but I want to try making a batch of this!

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  20. I so much want to try these!The last time I had such puffs,they were gujiyas with a whole milk fudge(Khoya) filling,then dipped in sugar syrup,and taken out.Your version is much more lighter,and must be tasty,I am sure.:-)
    Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!:-)

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  23. These look and sound delicious!

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