Steamed Rice cake Puttu

Preparation of rice flour
  • Soak 1 cup rice for 2-3 hours, drain for 20-25 minutes and powder in a mixie/food processor
  • Use a medium sieve to sieve the powdered rice
  • Fry the powder in a thick bottomed vessel until steam rise up from the powder (ensure continuous frying until done)
  • Allow it to cool off by spreading on a paper
  • Can be stored for not more than 2 days
Puttu Maker

Puttu Preparation
Rice flour -1 ½ cup
Grated coconut- 1 cup
Water 1 ½ cup
Salt as per requirement

  • Take the desired amount of rice flour in a deep bowl
  • Sprinkle salt water into the bowl and dampen the rice flour uniformly (use a fork to sift the flour)
  • The right mixture would be when  you gather the damp four into your palm and it makes a soft lump (would hold lightly and not crumble)
  • Sprinkle the bottom of the puttu container (with the perforated plate) with grated coconut
  • Fill the damp rice flour into the puttu container without over stuffing
  • Sprinkle some more grated coconut on top and cover with the lid
  • In the mean time heat a cooker with 3-4 cups of water with the lid on (remove the whistle)
  • Place the puttu container on the whistle holder in such a way that steam from the cooker passes through to steam the damp rice flour
  • Is steamed when steam escapes the puttu cover within 4-5 minutes
  • Can be removed and contents served onto a plate by inverting the puttu container
  • Can be served with sugar and milk, bananas, coconut stew (veg or non-veg), green gram curry(cheruvaiyar khutaan) or kadala khutaan


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

    Wow this is a more complex version of puttu!! Love to try your preparations.

  2. I don't know if I've ever had puttu. It looks and sounds delicious! Love the little puttu maker.

  3. @ Mjskit ..Puttu is typically a Kerala Dish.. I wonder if you get the puttu maker abroad..