Ingredients for Idli Batter
Urad Dal(Black Gram) ½ccup
Rice                               2 Cup
Cooked rice                   1 cup
Soak above ingredients 3-4 hours
Grind to paste
Mix the batter well with the required amount of salt and leave overnight to sour

Making Idlis
Wipe the idli moulds with cotton dabbed in cooking oil(to prevent idli sticking into the idli moulds)
Pour the required batter into the moulds
Place them in the idli container with the required amount of water to steam
You can also use the microwave(Sprinkle little water in the molds and the put the batter) and cook 3-5mins
Remove the idli’s after it is cooked into a casserole (check if the idli is cooked by pricking it to see if comes out clean)
Serve the hot idlis with chutney/sambar



  1. idlis look so soft & fluffy, going to try this ratio nest time :)

  2. Thanks Deepthi!!:-) Do try some more of my recipes!