Guava cheese

Ripe guavas                                        3-4 kg
Sugar                                                     1 kg
Lime                                                      2
Butter                                                   100 gm
Salt                                                         a pinch

Wash the guavas and pressure cook it for about 8- 10 min.  Cut the guavas into half and scoop out the seeds into a vessel.  Put the guavas in the mixie and blend it to a paste.  Measure the pulp and put it in a heavy bottom dish and add the same quantity of sugar and allow it to cook on slow fire.  Keep stirring it continuously so that the mixture does not get stuck to the bottom.  Add the pinch of salt and the juice from the lemon and keep cooking till the mixture leave the sides of the dish, add the butter and keep mixing, the colour will slowly change from light to dark brown.  When the mixture leaves the side of the dish, you can remove it quickly into a flat tray or plate that is greased with butter or oil.  When cool you can cut it into pieces and store it in an air tight container.  If you are trying out for the first time it is better to take a small quantity.


  1. It really tastes good....

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