Fenugreek leaves in Tomato gravy Methi tomato curry

Fenugreek leaves         1 small bowl (3 bunches destemmed)
Tomatoes                     4-5 medium size
Onions (chopped)       1 small size
Red chilly powder      1 ½  tbspn
Turmeric powder         ½ tspn
Salt                              As per requirement
Mustard seeds             ½ tspn
Curry leaves                1 stalk
1 tbspn oil

Heat oil in kadai/wok and add seasoning ingredients
Now add chopped onions and saute
Add the washed leaves and saute
Now add tomatoes along with turmeric, chilli powder and chopped tomatoes
Add salt and stir well and cook with lid cover
Adjust salt and consistency of gravy (evoprate excess water for thicker gravy)
Serve with rice, chapatis, rotis and puris

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