Cauliflower Manchuria


Chunks of cauliflower          1 medium size
Onions                                1 large
Cornflour flour                     3 tbspn
Rice/maida flour                   2 tbspn
Ajinomoto (MSG)                a pinch (optional)
Green chillies                        5-6
Chopped garlic                     2 tspns
Chopped ginger                    1 tspn
Soya sauce                           2 tbspn
Green chilli sauce                  1 tbspn
Tomato sauce                       ½ tbspn
Vinegar                                 1 tspn
Chopped coriander               1 handful
Lemon juice                          1 tspn
Red colour                            a pinch (optional)

Separate the florets into small chunks and boil in turmeric and saltwater for 5 min
Strain the water and keep aside
Mix the cornflour and riceflour(maida), salt and red colour into a paste
Dip the florets into this paste 
Deep fry the coated cauliflower florets and keep aside
Now heat oil in a wok/kadai
Sauté finely chopped onions, green chillies, ginger and garlic until cooked
Add green chilli sauce, soya sauce, tomato sauce and vinegar
Sprinkle required amount of salt
Now add the fried cauliflower and stir
Make a watery cornflour solution and pour into the mixture to bind the fry and seasoning
Squeeze few drops of lemon and coriander and green chilli garnishing
Serve in a snack plate as a starter or snack

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