Mutton/Chicken Biryani

Mutton/Chicken Biryani


Mutton or Chicken      1 kg
Fine Rice or Basmati   1kg  or 3/4 kg
onions                       4
curd                           200grams
ginger & garlic paste     4 -5 tsp
green chillies                10
corriander leaves          2 bunches
mint leaves                  1 bunch
red chillie powder         2 tsp
saffron                        1/2 tsp
garam masala powder    2 tsp
lime                            2 no.
oil                              1/2 cup
salt                            3 tsp or as per taste

Garam masala powder

dry grind the following and keep in air tight container to use in different receipes

shahi jeera (black cummin) 10 gms
clove 10 gms
cardamom 10 gms
cinnamom 10 gms
black pepper 10 gms


meat, curd ginger garlic paste, washed and chopped green chillies,corriander and mint leave, red chillie powder, saffron, garam masala powder and salt.    1- 2 hours or more the longer the marinate the better.

- Fry the largely chopped oions in the oil, golden brown and keep aside.

- wash the rice and add water and salt and cook it half.  (not fully cooked) and keep aside

- add a little water to the marinate and cook it  & keep aside

- Now take a large dish and put one layer of cooked meat and one layer of rice.  Spread it evenly and sprinkle the fried onion and the lemon juice  and a little of the oil left from frying the onions, on all the layers,  till all the rice and meat is over.  The water in the cooked meat also can be poured right round evenly in the dish.

- Now close the dish and place it on the stove on sim and cook it placing a weight on the lid so that it is air tight.   Allow it to cook only on sim for about 30 - 45 min.   To avoid the food from getting burnt down in the dish, you can place a pan or tava below the dish to avoid direct flame.    After 15 - 20 min. you can check if the rice and mutton is cooked and if the water is exhausted you can add a little water to cook and close it once again.

Note:  Biryani should be cooked on sim.   Even if it takes long it is worth it.  As you keep preparing you will learn the art of preparing it.  Each time you prepare you will improve .  Always try out with a small quantity.

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