Mutton Korma curry

Mutton Korma curry:

Mutton                                500 gms    (washed well)
Onions                                1 big (chopped)
Tomatoes                            3 (chopped)
Curd                                    100gms
Lime                                   ½
Oil                                       3-4 table spoons
Green chillies                       2-3
Coriander leaves                  ½ bunch
Ginger garlic paste               3 tsp
Red chillie powder              2-3 tsp
Saffron                                ½ tsp
Salt                                     as per taste

Masala paste: (dry roast & grind to paste)
Coconut (dry)                    ½ 
Kuskus                              2 table spoons (poppy seeds)
Pali(groundnut)                  1table spoon
putnal(roasted gram)         1 table spoon
Coriander & cumin  seeds 1 teaspoon each  (dhania, jeera)
1 Patta(cinnamon), 2 laung(clove),1 elichi(cardamom), shahi jeera(black cumin)  ½ tsp  (a little of each)

Heat the oil in the dish, add the onions  and fry till golden brown add, saffron, ginger garlic paste, green chillies, red chillie powder  and the masala paste and salt and fry well.  Now add the mutton pieces, tomatoes and beaten curd and mix and fry well till the masala is mixed well in the mutton, add 2 cups of water and allow the mutton to cook.  You can add chopped potatoes (optional) .  Chop  coriander leaves ½ bunch.  Cook on slow flame, when the mutton is cooked you can squeeze in the lime juice and allow it to sim for another 5 minutes and remove.  Check the consistency according to your taste, if water is extra allow it to cook without the lid the water will evaporate fast.

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