Minced Meat(kheema) with Methi

Minced Meat (Kheema) with Methi 


Minced meat                      1/2 kg
onions   (medium)               2
green chillies                     3-4
red chillie powder              3 tsp
saffron                             1/2 tsp
ginger & garlic paste          3 tsp
Methi leaves (fenugreek)     3 bunches
tomatoes                           3-4
oil                                    3 table spoons
salt                                  as per taste


Heat the oil in a dish or kadai.  Add the finely chopped onion fry well till golden brown, then add saffron, ginger garlic paste, green chillies, red chillie powder,salt and fry well.  Then add the washed mince and mix well till all the ingredients are blended into the mince, then add the methi leaves washed well and the chopped tomatoes  Add some water (2-3 cups) cover and cook it.  If using a pressure cooker you need only 1 cup of water.   You can add potatos or beans if you want extra quantity.

Note: Before adding the water all the masalas and the mince should be fried well.  And again after the keema is cooked you need to fry it well according to the consistence you require before removing from the stove.

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