(Mutton or chicken or beef)
(This is a traditional  & labourious  dish, but the following is a easy home made recipe)

Boneless meat                          500 gms
broken wheat or Dhalia 100 gms               (wash &  soak for 1 hour)

Lentils (25gms each)
urad(black gram)            25gms
moong(split green gram) 25gms
channa(bengal gram)      25 gms
red dhal                         25 gms 
(wash & soak for 3 hrs)
onions                             4
refined oil or vanaspathi   1/2 cup

Marinate the meat with the following ingredients for about an hour
ginger garlic paste                        3-4 tsp
curd                                            100gms
corriander & mint leaves              1 bunch each
green chillies                                5-6
red chillie powder                        2 tsp
garam masala powder                  2 tsp

Pressure cook the marinated meat by adding one cup of water.
Pressure cook the broken wheat and lentils by adding 2 cups of water.
(You can even pressure cook the meat, wheat & lentils together by adding 3-4cups of water)
Nest step Mix the pressure cooked mutton and the broken wheat and lentils and use a masher to mix all the ingredients into a paste. (before making a paste if there is extra water  allow it to cook for some more time till semi dry)
check the consistency and the salt. 
In a small kadai or wok add 1/2 cup oil when hot add chopped onions when golden brown, the same can be poured over the mixture and mixed well. 
Garnish it will golden fried onions and chopped corriander leaves.

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