Coconut Sweet


Fresh coconuts                      2

Sugar                                    2 cups

Vanilla essence                      2 tsp

Cardamom                            1


Remove the coconut from the shell wash it and grate it and keep aside.

Take a pan add the sugar and one cup of water allow it to boil till a syrup is formed.

You can check if there is a string like consistency then add the grated coconut, essence, powdered cardamom and keep on stirring till the mixture leaves the sides of the dish.(If you have pink, lemon or orange colour can be added mixed with little milk.)

Remove it on to a greased plate and allow it to cool.  Cut into required size pieces.

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  1. Thanks Sangeetha!! luv your blog! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  2. looks delicious....I love to eat sweets with coconut.We have a bit similar recipe called 'coconut toffee',but we add condensed milk...
    Thanks a lot for linking with Midweek Fiesta Hope to see you on next week too….