Carrot Halva

Carrot Halva

Carrots                                    1 kg
Ghee                                        2 table spoons
Milk                                         1 litre
Sugar                                       2 cups
Cardamom                               2-3
Raisins                                     15-20
Cashew                                    10

Wash the carrots well and grate it or scrape it on a coconut scraper or use the food processor, and keep aside
Boil the milk and keep aside
Take a big dish and add ghee 2 table spoons, add the crushed cardamoms, raisins and cashew and fry till light brown.  Add the grated carrot and mix it well into the ghee, add the sugar and the milk and mix it well.  Allow it to cook on slow fire for about 10 minutes.  Fry well till completely dry and remove from stove.  If you have vanilla essence you can add 2 tsps just before removing from the stove.  If you have any other dry fruits like almond & pista also can be added.  Serve hot.

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  1. Carrot Halwa is one of my favorite dish in sweets. All special occasion my mom makes this dish for me. I would like to suggest on recipe which is same as carrot halwa but with a slight change in the recipe. Carrot Laddu. It has the same ingredients and cooking carrot laddu is also same. One difference here is we use dessicated coconut in the carrot halwa mixture when the carrot is half cooked. After the halwa has been prepared start making the balls and roll it over the dessicated coconut and nuts. Thank You.