Seer Fish Cutlets

Potatoes, Boiled, mashed       1 medium
Onions, chopped                     1 medium
Green chilles, finely chopped 4-5
Ginger, finely chopped           1 inch
Turmeric powder                     ½ tspn
Seer fish, boiled and deboned100 gm
Egg                                          1
Bread crumbs                          1 cup
Oil for shallow fry

Saute onions in oil
Add finely chopped green chilles and ginger until the raw aroma evoprates
Add turmeric powder and the mashed potatoes, stir to mix well
Now add the seer fish that has been boiled, deboned by crumbling into small pieces
Saute to mix all the ingredients well and adjust the salt
Allow it to cool and then make cutlets of your desired shape
Dip the raw cutlets into a beaten egg  bowl
Coat the cutlet with bread crumbs
Shallow fry on a pan with 2-3 tbspn of oil
Fry both sides until golden rown and serve with sauce

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