Sardines in tamarind and tomato gravy (Matthi Pulimolg kutaan)

Sardines                      8 whole
Onions, diced              1 medium
Tomatoes, diced          1 large
Turmeric                      ½ tspn
Chilli powder              1 tbspn
Green chillies, slit        3-4
Ginger, chopped         1 inch
Tamarind juice            lemon size
Coconut oil                 1 tbspn
Crushed Pepper corns ½ tspn
Salt for taste
Curry leaves
Marinate the sardines in salt, turmeric and red chilly powder for 10 min
Pour the tamarind juice into an earthen vessel (if possible), add chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger and green chillies and ring it to boil
Add a pinch of turmeric, a tspn of redchilli powder and ½ tspn of salt and cook until the onions and tomatoes are soft
Add the marinated fish pieces and allow the fish to cook in the sauce by reducing heat to a simmer
Once the fish is cooked, drizzle some coconut oil and add fresh curry leaves
Sprinkle some crushed peppercorn and serve with hot rice


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  2. Super delicious! The tangy flavours go very well with this fish. There is an award for you at my blog.