Rice Rotis ( Patthiri)

Rice Flour                   2 cups
Ghee/cooking oil         1 tspn
Salt                              As per required

Add 1 tspn of ghee/cooking oil and required amount of salt to 3 cups of boiling water
Reduce the heat and add the rice flour gently and keep stirring until the rice flour is cooked
At this stage 1 tspn crushed fennel seeds, 1 tbspn of grated coconut and one small sized onion finely chopped can be added (optional)
Finely blend the rice lumps to ensure that excess water evaporates (cooked well)
Allow to cool by transferring the contents into a wide plate coated with ghee
Blend the lumps smoothly and make medium size balls (cover with a damp cloth to prevent drying)
Dab a plastic sheet with oil and flatten the rice flour balls into rotis
Heat tava and fry the rice rotis evenly until done (apply ghee/cooking oil)
Can be served with chicken gravy, aloo bhaji, or with ghee and sugar


  1. Simple and nice recipe.. roti looks delicious!
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