French beans fry (Beans Mezhkvarty)

French beans, steamed   1 cup
Green chillies, slit            4-5
Coconut, 1” thin slices    8-9
Onions, sliced                 1 medium
Turmeric powder            ½ tspn
mustard seeds                ½ tspn
Redchillies                      3
Urad dal                         1 tspn
Curry leaves
coconut oil                     3 tbspn
Salt  as per requirement
Steam the french beans with a little salt, destring and chop into 1 inch pieces
Heat coconut oil in kadai and saute seasoning ingredients
Add slit green chillies and onions and fry till golden brown
Add turmeric powder and the chopped beans and saute
Adjust salt and cook for 3-5 minutes with lid covered.
Garnish with thin 1 inch coconut slices and stir gently

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