Chinese Noodles


Hakka Noodles                       Single pack
Cabbage, shredded                 ½ cup
Carrots, diced                         ½ cup 
French beans, chopped           ½ cup
Spring onions, chopped          ½ cup
Green chillies, finely chopped 5-6
Garlic, finely chopped                        6-8 flakes
Chilli flakes                             1 tspn
Soya sauce                              3-4 tbspn
Green chilli sauce                    2 tbspn
Vinegar                                   1 tbspn
Pepper powder                        1 tspn
MSG (Ajinomoto)                   1 tspn (optional)

Cook noodles in boiling water with a little oil and salt
Strain the noodles, drizzle olive oil and keep aside
Ready all the chopped vegetables and sauces required
Heat oil in an iron kadai or wok (not teflon coated)
Add 2 tbspn of oil until it smokes
Add finely chopped green chillies and garlic and stir
Add all the shredded and diced vegetables one after the other and keep on stirring/tossing to prevent them from burning
Now add the noodles, chilli sauce, soy sauce and vinegar and continue tossing
Add MSG (optional), chilli flakes and some pepper powder
Transfer the contents into serving bowl or plate
Garnish it with finely chopped greens of spring onions
Serve with manchuria/schezwan gravy or tomato sauce

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