Immigration Visas

Immigration Visas

The meaning of the word "immigration" maybe easily comprehensible to any lay person dreaming of a better job or lifestyle prospects in another country far beyond the seas, but the minute one takes a step ahead to convert these dreams to reality, they find the word "VISA" glaring down at them, which is neither easy to please or to impress! 
Every such person has nightmares of being able to fulfill requirements of an immigration visa to any country of their choice. With so much mystic & a good deal of contradicting information from various sources about immigration visa processes to different countries, the common man is many a time left with a feeling of the grapes being sour. For e.g. an individual desires to immigrate to Europe, just one simple word in mind "EUROPE", but is the individual aware that the small continent is in itself so diverse with as many as 50 countries within it, not to mention the language & the cultural diversity accompanying the same.
So how do you choose between those 50 countries,as to which one is suitable for your skill set or profile? How do you know what are the different immigration visa procedures in such countries where the websites, even those directly from the horse's mouth (read government websites), are in an unknown language? Many a times one is left with the experience of speaking Greek & being answered in Latin.
Ok even if one puts aside a continent as diverse as Europe and directs his dreams towards say the United States of America or Australia or U.K., wherein the language atleast is not a handicap (more or less for most people in the world today!?). How does one determine the right information from so many mouths proclaiming aloud the same, but differently worded information or loads of contradictory information from the same source? 

At times, for example, sudden claims arise from say one of the immigration agencies of these English speaking countries, that applicants to country X, do not have satisfactory "English language" skills, thereby compelling every applicant to prove his or her's "English Language" skills by appearing for an appropriate prescribed exam. Such a requirement inspite of the fact, that the individual has completed his or her total education - primary school to university - with language of instruction being English only, does not really add much value to the process, but rather adds to the cumbersomeness of the process.This is just to mention one of the many unanticipated abrupt changes or updates encountered in the process of applying for an immigration visa. One could say, that immigration processes in almost all countries are in a constant state of flux & keeping up with the same can be a pretty onerous task.
In such circumstances any individual, company, website or books as such come across as a much needed source of water in a desert of mirages. Many a mirage can be tackled with the right amount of counselling & guidance from an established as well as a reputed player in this field of immigration visas. Interaction with such an established information source as in a company, which has not only the information, but also the necessary experience to carry out these immigration dreams to fruition is more than welcome. 


  1. When it comes to looking up anything on a government site I find I walk away more confused then when I started.

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  4. I am immigrated from China to UK. I have been through all processes.

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